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Re: New info on how to install your laptop

It's quite a useful document, certainly. I've only got one comment on it, 
which is to explain what the changes are that are being made: i.e.
disabling tcp listening for X means that you can't run remote X sessions from 
the machine blah blah, but that crackers can't blah blah.

It just makes it clearer as to what's being done, so people won't disable 
features they actually need/rely on. e.g. on my (non-portable), I use and rely 
on being able to run a remote X session from my machine, so I know not to 
disable it. I guess that the people reading the document won't know exactly 
what they're doing when they're following it (if they did, they wouldn't need 
it in the first place, I'd have thought ;), so a full explanation would be 
useful for them.

Just my 2p's worth,


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