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Re: initial xserver set up and Xclaim VR card - TV tuner

On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 05:46:08PM -0500, Nelson Abramson wrote:
> Josh Kuperman wrote:
> > I managed to get an install into my PowerMac 6500/300. I thought I was
[stuff deleted]> 
> > I really can't tell if things are working or not because I haven't got
> > X going. I installed xserver-common, xdm, and a lot of X stuff. I am
> > booting through BootX. If I check the no video drivers box it tries to
> > start xdm a couple of times and goes back into text mode. I don't
> > check the box it starts xdm and goes off to never-never land. I can
> > see the screen is requesting a login but can't quite tell where. I
> > have a 640x480 monitor that came with a Centris 660av and Info
> > 3-button mouse.
> Okay, on the linuxPPC list, this is The Most Frequently Asked Question(tm) :-)
> My suggestion would be to get a working XF86Config file from someone who has
> similar equiptment as you, or modify one so that it fits your equiptment.  Neil

Over the weekend I decided to give installing LinuxPPC from the CDs a
go to see if I could figure out what settings it was using, with the
idea that I would then be able to resolve my troubles and reinstall
Debian which except for the installation process not configuring an
Xserver seems to be the superior distribution. 

I didn't really have to remove my Debian install at all. The LinuxPPC
install CD starts an Xserver after booting off the CD and before it
does any install. It is running Xpmac - but there is no XF86Config and
fbset returns the same nonsensical values that it does when I run it
on the Debian install. Is there anyone around here familiar with both
LinuxPPC 1999 CD install and the Debian install process who can tell
me what is working with LinuxPPC and failing with Debian.

[other stuff deleted]
Josh Kuperman                       

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