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Debian on PowerMAC G4


I've tried to install Debian GNU/Linux ("frozen") on an Apple PowerMAC
G4-450 ("Sawtooth") using BootX 1.2b3 and a special, precompiled kernel
(2.2.14) from Benjamin Herrenschmidt but encountered the following

The Linux kernel boots, loads the ramdisk image and starts the system
installation. The I get the message "Your PowerPC architecture is not
supported yet." Pressing return reboots the machine.

The LinuxPPC distribution runs fine using the same kernel image, but I
would prefer Debian since I'm using it on an Intel plattform for a few
years now and for me it's the best Linux distribution available. Is it
possible to modify the installation disks so that it is possible to
install Debian on G4's? Please tell me if and how I can help you, but I
don't have the slightest notion of creating ramdisk images :-(

    Markus Geimer

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