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Boot floppies saga continues.

At <http://www.them.org/~drow/boot-floppies-2/> you will find a current CVS
(barely pre-2.2.8) snapshot of the boot floppies; a few changes were
required, and I'm committing them now.  Successfully built for MBX, Apus,
PowerMac, and CHRP.

I have a few ideas on making the Power Mac floppies bootable on old-world
(via miBoot) that should not prove too difficult; I'll work on that next
week.  We still need to reach a decision about kernel-image; yes, I realize
I'm procrastinating that question horribly :)

I'd appreciate feedback on these.  They are actually stable enough that I
can try to look into problems; with any luck I will try them tonight myself.


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