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Re: PowerPC cd status

On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 08:37:32AM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> No problem.  The PReP boot scheme uses a PC partition table.  However, the
> bootstrap code area in block 0 that contains the table is not used.  It
> seems clear to me now that since the mac table allows for a PC partition
> table in it (minus the bootstrap code area) it works fine for booting
> PReP.  The only thing that is used is that one of the primary partition
> entries is set to type 0x41 (PReP Boot) and loaded with an absolute offset
> and size of the image to be loaded from the block device.


However, I'm still a tad worried - what about ISO?  This disk is going
to need an ISO superblock, a dummy PC partition table, AND an HFS

But hey, if it's possible, we'll do it, right?


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