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RE: Re-compiling the kernel for 8500 PPC

Usually, I can download the latest kernel, go into the source and 
make pmac_config
make xconfig
to fine tune it, and it builds fine....

On 15-Mar-2000 Paul McAvoy wrote:
> Hi, this is a general request for comments on re-compiling the kernel
> on this
> platform.  I was able to install debian ppc on, and use some
> pre-compiled
> kernels.  It seems however that every kernel I re-compile ( ppc,
> CHIRP, etc )
> wont boot.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what.
> Can anyone give me pointers to this?
> Thanks so much for your time!
> - Paul
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E-Mail: Lang Hurst <lang.hurst@mailandnews.com>
Date: 15-Mar-2000
Time: 08:14:09

We totally deny the allegations, and we're trying to identify the allegators.


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