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Re: Storm Linux 2000

> > A PowerPC version of Storm Linux would be the coolest, but I'm afraid we
> > don't have anything like that in the works right now.
> >
> What would be the problem with a powerpc version ? once potato ships, ppc will
> be supported officially, so it should cost you nothing to ship a ppc version.
> (sure you need a ppc box to compile the stuff though).

A PowerPC version isn't out of the question, but there are a few
problems with Stormix shipping a commercial version of it:

1. Selling a boxed copy of PowerPC becuase there isn't an established
retail channel to sell to. Do you sell to places that stock other Linux
distros or do you sell to Mac stores? It will be interesting to see
where/how well LinuxPPC 2000's boxed version does. Happily, with Linux
getting more and more popular selling a Mac version in retail stores is
becoming more feasible.

2. Hardware. We have an iMacDV (mmm, grape) that we use for doing
graphics and print work. Hardwares not too expensive though.

3. Manpower. We don't have anyone in the office who is very knowledgable
about Linux on the PowerPC. If there were any experienced Debian PowerPC
people interested in working in Vancouver, Canada, then would help a lot

  Kevin Teague

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