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Re: Feedback (2000-03-16)

Andrew B. Arthur wrote:

>>    - bogomips: 801.18 (PowerBook Lombard 400Mhz)
>>      bogomips from the xterm reports: 526
>I haven't seen that bug before. Seems strange to me since doesn't GNOME
>get it the same way? At any rate I don't use GNOME currently, so I
>wouldn't really know.

 The 800bm rate also appears at boot time.

>> 6. Netscape Communicator/Navigator: great mess, none working.
>I've noticed that too. I personally ended up on downloading LinuxPPC
>Inc.'s .ppc.rpm and converting it to a .deb using alien. Obviously this
>is less then ideal, it's alot of work, you end up with a large
>monolithic package (unlike some of the debian packages that break parts
>down, such as keeping the java class files in a seprate package).
>I should note that that strangely it worked better then installing my
>rpm on my previously ydl system -- for some reason, about: protocol and
>the license agreement appeared correctly. Then again, maybe because it
>was a newer rpm I built it from (although both were Netscape 4.7).

 I personally find the monolithic approach a convenient approach, as
 far as netscape is concerned. The actual sub-packages are only
 required by that application, and pollute the list of all available
 packages. The whole set is also quite puzzling, as lots of different
 versions are available and it is not at all clear what is the most
 recent one. I really hope that a working and monolithic .deb will
 soon replace them all.


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