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Re: imac install

On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 12:28:13PM -0600, pohl wrote:
> Ethan wrote:
> >
> > not unfortunately, yaboot is more robust and reliable. just create a
> > 800K bootstrap partition at the front of your disk to hold it after
> > the install, and use my ybin utilites to manage it.  just as easy as
> > lilo. (in mac-fdisk use the C command and create the bootstrap
> > partition as type Apple_Bootstrap)
> Will it work to place this partition after an HFS or HFS+ MacOS
> partition?  I haven't yet found a way to keep the MacOS 9 partitioning
> tool to from destroying my poor little Apple_Bootstrap.  Perhaps I 
> should just consider that tool to be hostile and avoid it?  (Apple's
> disk tool, not yaboot :-)

no, if macos is before the bootstrap partition you have to fsck with
OF, I cannot believe apple added hostility to there drive setup
program, Apple_Bootstrap is something we stole^H^H^H^H^Hborrowed from
OSX-server, that is how it bootstraps...  

if that is the case i suggest using drive setup to just get the driver
installed (or use an older one) and then use mac-fdisk to create all
your other partitions, including the MacOS one.  

use the same C command you use for Apple_Bootstrap and use type
Apple_HFS for the macos partition.

if drive setup destroys bootstrap partitions it will very likely
destroy linux partitions too... oh well, we have to deal with these
`seek and destroy' problems on win95/98/NT guess we can add OS9 to the
mix as well...

Ethan Benson

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