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Re: booting 8500 with blank disk (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

On Thu, Mar 02, 2000 at 03:43:18PM -0500, james@netcsi.com wrote:
> You can use dd with (the data fork of) a MacOS DiskCopy image, as long
> as it was created as a read/write image (not sure if read-only works;
> read-only compressed definitely doesn't).  I've checked.  You can also
> use plain binary images you get onto a Mac HD from Disk Copy as long
> as they are precisely long enough to fill a 1.44 floppy (checked this
> too by writing debian images from Disk Copy; had to pad some with zeros
> to get the right length but then they worked).

i thought it would, macos keeps the checksum in the resource fork.

> Also, if you're handy with a hex editor, it's possible to configure
> miBoot from Linux or *BSD; Apple documents the resource file format
> at <URL:http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/mac/MoreToolbox/MoreToolbox-99.html>.


> Admittedly this is somewhat deceptive as regards the base for one
> of the offsets into the file; I'm therefore including some perl
> source which illustrates (sort of) the process of parsing a
> resource file.


> Oh, and: you can read a .sit file on Linux (and presumably *BSD with
> an emulator or a recompile or a few tweaks to the source).  See
> <ftp://ftp.ibp.fr/pub/linux/sunsite/utils/compress/macutils.tar.gz>
> if it ever comes back up or the debian source tarball for the
> 'macutils' package otherwise.  That is, unless it's in
> StuffIt(tm&backatyou) 5 format which AFAIK is too new for the latest
> version of this and leaves you up the proverbial creek ... somehow
> I can't remember if such is the case for miBoot (*checks*) oops,
> damn, looks like it is.  Well, there's always that thing on NT, it's
> by the same company that makes the Real Thing so it should be up to
> date with the latest secret decoder ring or whatnot.

actually the unsit utility is not included with the debian verison of
macutils it would seem, and i beleive i know why, i tried this utility
once and found it only works on 1.5.1 archives, this format was
apparently documented somewhat. stuffit 4 is proprietary and quite
UNdocumented, as is 5.0. unsit will not touch either.  I had also
found that unsit pretty much only output corrupted files, its source
has not been modified since 1988, that is a very long time...

The best solution to .sit archives is to not use them, macbinary +
gzip provides a perfectly open and compatible solution. 

Ethan Benson

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