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I have XFree86 4.0 building, however...

I got XFree86 4.0 building on my Yosemite G3 over the course of this
weekend, but I ran into a problem where it will not recognize my Rage128 as
one it has acceleration for, since mine is a Rage128 RE, according to its
startup stuff.  I've got a RevB Yosemite G3, with a PPC750 at 400MHz in it.
Xpmac works, and I haven't tested the prereleases of XF68_FBDev, as the ones
out there have expired by now.  (The ones with Rage128 support.)  However,
Xpmac is giving me a couple problems.  (Crashes with Enlightenment, doesn't
like transluscent windows.) as well as some other stuff.  As far as XFree86
4.0 goes, I had to leave out Int10 and vgahw support, to make it work.  Both
needed libx86emu, which breaks with "Relocation truncated to R_PPC_REL24
BLEH" for each function, then undefined references for the same functions.


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