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Strange warning when running xcdroast

  I'm running Debian Potato with kernel 2.2.15pre11 from Paul's rsync 
tree. I have an external SCSI Yamaha 8424S CD-RW whihc I use under 
xcdroast. I have all the right options (generic SCSI etc.) copiled in 
teh kernel, and have setuid xcdroast so it would run as non root.

   When I run xcdroast as root, everything is fine. When I run it as 
non root, it runs fine too except I get the strange warning:

No multiple host support
You seem to have a system with more than one SCSI-host. In order to 
allow cdrecord to scan for your CD-writer, you should have the 
cdrecord Linux-SCSI-Kernel-Patch installed. Read the file src/utils/
cdrecord*/README.linux for details. When you have installed the 
patch, this warning will go away.

There are two strage things about this warning:

(a) It only occurs when running as non root.
(b) I checked in the README.linux and in my kernel sources, and this 
patch has *long* been merged into the mainstream kernel sources!

Has anyone else seen this warning? Any idea how I can get rid of it 
and what's causing it? Thanks,


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