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X server error on 7200

I just installed woody on my 7200 with a 15'' multiple scan display. For the x window, I installed xserver-common, xerver-fbdev, xbase-client, xfs-xtt, xfonts-base, xfonts-100,75 scalabe. as well as the icewm window manager. The default XF86Config does not work until I change the default mode from 640x480 to 832x624. Then the x start smoothly and it didn't complain anything.

The weird problem is that if I sit infront of the computer and use it, the x server never crash. But once I leave the computer for 10 minutes, the screen turned black(the display has energy saving feature) and after I hit the keyboard, I found the x server was already down and I was told

Fatal server error:
fbdevUpdateColormap: FBIOPUTCMAP failed(Function not implemented)

First I doubt it is because of the fbdev server, I removed the 3.3.6 fbdev server of debian and replace it with a fbdev server aliened from linuxppc, same problem occured. I installed linuxppc with kde on this machine before and x server never crash.So it seems it is not the fbdev server's fault.

It seems the problem is mainly related to the energy saving feature of the screen, but I am not sure.

Does anybody has any idea?

Thanks a lot!

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