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Re: xfonts

"SB" == Sergio Brandano <sb@dcs.qmw.ac.uk> writes:


   SB>  it happened again. X11 failed to load the ``fixed'' fonts.
   SB> It only works if the font dirs are listed in the XF86config
   SB> file, which probably means that the xfont server (xfs-tt)
   SB> is not being used. Is that so? The thing is that exactly
   SB> the same configuration (but no font dirs listed) works in
   SB> my i686.  Any clue of why is this happening?

I had this same problem the other day, after Netscape hung, X
froze, and I had to connect from the machine behind me.  I killed
Netscape, but that wasn't enough, so I killed X, and X failed to
come back up.

When I looked at the log file, I found that X was complaining
about not being able to find the default font, fixed.  Since I've
been installing various X and TrueType fonts lately, I thought
that perhaps some of those might be masking the regular fonts.
That led me to editing /etc/X11/xfs/config and /etc/X11/XF86Config
to remove the local fonts from the font path.

I discovered that commenting out the font servers from the font

   FontPath        "unix/:7100"
   FontPath        "unix/:7101"

allowed X to start.  Investigating further, I discovered that the
xfs font server wasn't running.  When I restarted it, and then
started X again, everything seemed to work okay.

(I also just noticed that the close double-quote on the xfstt line
(``FontPath  "unix/:7101"'') was missing.  Perhaps that had
something to do with it, too?)


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