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Re: X server error on 7200

Thanks pohl!

It worked! Although the debian version of xscreensaver 3.22-6 crashed itself on my box after running for about 1 hr, I found an older version 3.10 from linuxppc and it works just fine. It even told me I can run "xset s off" to disable my fbdev server's screensaver function without loading the 3.10 xscreensaver.

Now I am wondering how can I run automatically either "xset s off" or "xscreensaver" after loading x. Which file and where should I add these commands?



From: pohl <pohl@screaming.org>
To: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: X server error on 7200
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 14:50:35 -0600

I had a problem like this once on an old 7100 or 7200 (I can't
rember which -- it was a nubus machine with an 80Mhz 601 PPC
I think) and it turned out that xscreensaver was causing the
X display server to crash.  The nice thing was that xscreensaver
was nice enough to give some message when I ran it that said
something like "you must disable the X server's built in screensaver
first" and it even gave the proper incantation.  Once I did what
it said, xscreensaver ran just fine and X was really stable.

Hope this helps.

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