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Re: Powerbook G3 (Tokyo)

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 09:08:55PM -0600, Matt Knopp wrote:
> > lost interupt for the hard disk sounds makes me think you are using
> > bootx to boot, don't do that.  bootx does not work very well on most
> > of the newer `newworld' machines, instead use yaboot.
> Yeah, I have heard that. As best as I can tell at this point, I'm faced 
> with a chicken-egg problem, that is.. all the yaboot packages I have seen 
> are for linux; to install it i must be able to boot ... I am hoping that
> bootX will "work well enough" with the benh tree and then I can move to 
> yaboot.  Unless there is some other way of installing yaboot that I havnt 
> run across. 

yaboot is not a linux binary or a macos binary, its an OpenFirmware
binary, it simply has to be on a OF readable partition, so for initial
setup you can put it on your macos partition (if you have one) and run
this OF command:

boot hd:<part>,yaboot

where <part> is the partition number yaboot is on.  

when you setup your linux system make sure you create the first
partition on the disk a bootstrap partition type Apple_Bootstrap, then
you can use ybin to set it up.  once you do that reset OF to default
settings and you will always get a boot menu when you start the

keeping yaboot on a macos partition means you must manually adjust OF
settings every time they are reset. 

i am working on documenting this better as we speak. and hopefully the
boot floppies will be able to automate much of this.

Ethan Benson

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