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Re: The truth about Apple's fdisk (was: Re: imac install)

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 09:41:48PM -0600, pohl wrote:
> Ethan wrote:
> >
> > the bootstrap partition will not inerfere with yaboot on the hfs
> > partition, you just need to boot into OF and run the following
> > command:
> >
> > boot hd:X,yaboot
> For me, yaboot_0.4 cannot find its config file in this situation,

because its broken in this regard..

> and yaboot_0.5 can't even be executed successfully by OF, unless
> the HFS partition is the first one, and even then yaboot_0.5 
> can't find its default config file properly.  yaboot_0.4 is the

this i do not understand, i have exuceted yaboot 0.5 from the first
second 5th 9th etc parttions and it works fine, i think you might have
found a new yaboot bug... your using G4 firmware right? perhaps it has
differently obfusacted paths then the G3 does.. Ben?

also Ben has found out that ppclinux.apple.com is broken in the way it
sends the yaboot binary, you will most certainly get corrupt copies
from there, to deal with this i have setup a mirror of yaboot on my
web page (see .sig) i put it in a tarball as this seems more reliable
with most browsers.  I am certain this copy works because it used the
one from /boot/yaboot that is booting my system! however if this is
indeed a new new bug in yaboot on G4s that won't help you. 

another thing, unless you need a ramdisk image booted, there is no
need for a yaboot.conf, its just more convenient. try this:

0> boot hd:X,yaboot
welcome to yaboot 0.5
unable to open config file

at this boot: prompt run:

boot: hd:X,/boot/vmlinux-2.2.YY ro

where X is the partition number of your root filesystem. and 2.2.YY is
the kernel verison you have installed.  say 2.2.15pre11, the ro tells
it to mount the root filesystme readonly so fsck will be happy.

> only version I've had any success with, and that's only with
> the HFS partition being the first (not counting driver partitions,
> of course.)

in that case you might have to use bootx long enough to get ybin

just dont repartition putting the bootstrap last, its totally useless
that way and you might as well not bother of you did that.

> > if your macos partition is HFS not plus then:
> >
> > mount -t hfs /dev/hdaX /mnt
> This is promising.  I'll give this a go.  Thanks again.

i think most kernels now have hfs support compiled in, so long as you
did not use HFS+ (extended) this will work fine.

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Ethan Benson

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