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Re: Sockoban

On 16-Mar-00, you wrote:

> --- Björn Johansson <amigafreak@home.se> wrote:
>> I have been using Debian(Slink) for a couple of days now, it's really,
>> really buggy :(.
> I didn't know/think slink works on powerpc at all?

Well, It don't. It's using my slow 040.

>> It's probably my fault for not installing it correctly or something :-/.
> The
>> kernel is 2.0.36, I don't know how to upgrade it. I have downloaded the
>> whole kernel 2.2.14 in the hope of that I could use parts of it for
>> Debian.
> You need a special kernel (the latest is 2.2.10) for APUS.

Yes I know. But then I haveto use the potato version, and since it's
still is in BETA-stage I thought it would be better to use a stable
version. That's why I chose Slink.

APUS 2.2.10, exactly what is the name of the file?
I *think* I already have it, hmm..

>> But as I have understood it, the packages which comes with Debian uses
>> different librarys which is part of the kernel, therefore an old package
>> can't make any advantage of a new kernel without a new recompilation of
>> these packages(right?).
> Guess you're talking about libc and fellows. That's nothing to do with the
> kernel.

When it comes to the "Slink" version, is it possible for me to get a better
kernel than: 2.0.36 somewhere? (for the m68k of course)

>> I have been using Debian for a couple of days now, well... it seems I'll
>> haveto wait for the Debian2.2 to make any use of my PPC, probably the
>> system will become more stable too, because then I will buy the CD. At
>> the moment I lack A LOT of packages, so I haven't even got X working
>> yet(but I don't know if I even want it working before I get the
>> potato-version).
> I think you probably even _can't_ get it working before potato...
> You should really try installing that ASAP, there are now even
> boot-floppies which should work on APUS.

It's not possible to use the APUS-kernel with the Slink distribution,
right? Maybe a stupid question but I haveto know ;).

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