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Re: Sockoban

> bootstrap --apus -k linux -r images-1.44/root.bin root=/dev/mem
> video=amifb:pal <-not sure about this> debug
> should work ok.
> (with the linux and root.bin from the apus subdirs of the ppc disks)
> try to give us the output of dmesg also dboostrap (i think) also.
> Friendly,
> --
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This is what I use:

bootstrap --apus -d -k linux -r root.bin root=/dev/ram

It still don't work. The bootstrap command decides whether you have a
PowerUP system or a WarpUP system. My ppc.library(0.7d) is currently
working under Frank Villes emulation, is this bad for the kernel
startup? :-/

Have you encounted any problems during the bootup with the APUS
that is good for me to know about? One strange thing, the bootstrap
won't give me an outputfile. I have both tried -d and --debug. Any
ideas why?

Kind regards Björn "Bear" Johansson
Searching for SAVEBOOT magic...
Found 13 bytes at 0x001fbb00

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