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Re: /etc/X11/Xmodmap re-revisited

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 06:00:16PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> [debian-x: I'm following up a thread on -powerpc]
> Actually, I've decided to do the sensible (?) thing and identify the
> keycodes by keyboard model rather than the machine architecture.  One way
> or another you can probably manage to plug a PC keyboard into just about
> anything, so it doesn't make much sense to refer to it as an "i386"
> keyboard.

Right, but the important question is will it still be a "PC" keyboard?
If the "PC" keyboard goes in via USB, it's either a "PC" keyboard on x86,
an "ADB" keyboard on PPC, or Non-existant on other arches (tho I suspect
a similar translation-style to other arches).  As for the few models of PPC
hardware which can take a PS/2 style keyboard directly, I _think_ they do
stay the same, keycode wise.

So, my point, and I think there was one in there, is to be careful how you
label 'em.  It's only the type of keyboard it says, if it's not being adapted

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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