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Re: XFree86 4.0

Logan Hall wrote:

> I see that XFree86 4.0 has been released.  Does this release include accel
> for the Mach64 chips in the Biege G3's?

IIRC there has been rudimental accel support (screen to screen copies) for
Mach64 added recently, but I doubt the driver works on PPC, at least hardly
without the usual endianness/... problems.

But there is very good support for Macs with Rage128 (and Permedia, if there
are any? :), thanks to Kostas Gewrgiou and Kevin Kendricks.

> Also 4.0 will be packaged for woody right? or will it be packaged for potato
> too?

Ask the Debian X maintainer, Branden Robinson...

> If it is only going to be packaged for woody, what will be the upgrade
> procedure for getting it working on potato?

Point your /etc/apt/sources.list at woody instead of potato, and do a

apt-get dist-upgrade


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