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Today's rsync tree

 Yesterday I posted the following bug:

> (hardware: PowerBook Lombard G3-400)
>1. Result of booting today's rsync tree:
>Machine check in kernel mode. (regs at cb491bf0)
>Caused by (from srr1): Unknown values in srr1
>NIP: D081332C XER: 20000000 LR: D0813318 REGS: cb491bf0 TRAP: 0200
>MSR: 00001030 [IRDRME]
>TASK = cb490000[211] 'modprobe' mm->pgd cb59f000 Last syscall: 128
>last math cb484000
>GPR00: 000000FF CB491CA0 CB490000 00000001 00008000 000003FF D08149D0 15000000
>GPR08: C01F0000 000003F9 00000BC0 FE000000 42242880 10028F84 D0812D94 D08124E8
>GPR16: D0811A00 D0812608 D080F0D8 D080F04C D08120A4 D0810EEC D0810FDC D0810F24
>GPR24: D0811ABC D0810E48 D0810E3C 00000000 00000000 00009032 D081494C CB491CA8
>Entering xmon kernel debugger.

 Today I updated my tree and, yes, it crashed again. I noted that the
 crash occours when loading gpm, so that it is not really ``boot
 time''. Is it gpm the problem?


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