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Mozilla M14 build candidate available

I messed up the subject last time I sent this out and at least one list 
bounced it - oops. Sorry about the extra posting to anyone who gets a dup....

Note: could the kind person who Cc'ed the MkLInux list for me before do so 
again? I'm not on that list and it doesn't let non-subscribers post...

Mozilla M14 for Linux/PowerPC is now available on 
http://southpole.penginpowered.com. Note that this build does not contain SSL 
support, but I am working on getting the components needed for that in hand 
and will release a new build when they are available. Please remember that 
this is a pre-release version of mozilla, so help out by going over to 
http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ and a reporting any problems you find. If there 
are any packaging or library problems, please report that to me via email. If 
it works, please email me to report that too, so that I can know that this 
build has it's cross-distribution libraries straight and is ready to go on 

You will need  to obtain libstdc++-2.10 to use this; for LinuxPPC users, go to 
ftp://ftp.linuxppc.com/linuxppc-1999/software/updates/ or a mirror to get this 
updated version if you don't already have it. Debian/PowerPC users should be 
able to "apt-get install libstdc++2.10". Users of other distrobubtions, please 
contact your vendor for help, and tell me what you had to do. I'll be glad to 
document it here. Anyone who could run my previous (M13) build *should* have 
the needed libraries in place.

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