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Re: compiler optimization? something else?

> I've been looking for ways to get Marc Lehman a
> PowerBook so he could work on optimizing the PowerPC
> GCC compiler. Marc (pcg@goof.com) is the person behind
> the PentiumGCC compiler. I've talked with him and
> others about this many times now and he is totally
> willing to work on it, except he doesn't have a PPC
> system, and doesn't have room for a desktop machine,
> or else I woulda shipped him one, even though he lives
> in Europe.

While a Powerbook for Marc would be nice, I'd like to mention that Debian
has one PPC machine online. Access is by request, I CC: debian-admin
and debian-powerpc on this. 
I imagine others (LinuxPPC, YellowDog) have machines online as well. Just
an idea.


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