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xterms: Non Root User's Cant Open a Psuedo Teletype

I installed Debian yesterday, all went pretty well, except for this
little problem. When I try to start an xterm, kvt or konsole as non-root
I get an error saying can't open a psuedo teletype. All other programs
work fine.

demilk:~# su AArthur -c "konsole"
Can't open a psuedo teletype

All of the /dev/ttyp* are a+rw, o+rw, g+rw.

Other then that also seems to be working pretty good, although not being
able to access x terminal windows is surely annoying.

X Server: Xpmac-khendricks-rage128-rev9
Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (frozen)

It's a pretty new install (besides having the current updates applied
and several packages added.

Andrew B. Arthur | arthur99@global2000.net

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