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Re: Loki games was: Re: Sockoban

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 08:43:31AM +0100, John L Grantham wrote:
> On 16/3/00 8:36 am, Sven LUTHER at luther@debian.org was inspired to say:
> --snip--
> >You can also find some ppc games from loki ...
> >
> >at least they have freely downloadable demos for PPC for some of their games,
> >g olook at their web site.
> >
> >If they don't have a ppc version, go bug them for it, so they will feel that
> >there is a need for it. ANd if you buy ppc version of their games, even
> >better.
> </lurk_mode>
> I talk fairly often with Scott Draeker from Loki (since I did their 
> website) and that isn't quite accurate--they don't need to be pushed to 
> make PPC stuff.
> Actually, the problem is not that they don't want to *make* PPC games. 
> They need *help* with PPC development--they currently lack the people to 
> do the dirty work (mainly finishing network code) as well as debugging 
> and so on. This is why so many of their games are stuck in beta on the 
> PPC and Alpha versions.
> If any of you wants to help out (please do!), then contact them at 
> sigyn@lokigames.com about working for them.

helping with nda's, without source code, and for free ?


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