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Re: debian PPC on 8100 ?

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 01:32:44AM -0500, David Poisson wrote:
> I have a 8100 I want to use as an ip masq server (which would also run
> sendmail and a couple other servers). I am assuming every server has
> been compiled for PPC, is that assumption correct ? I'm also assuming
> that the kernel has support for ip masquerade (you just have to tell it

I am using Debian on powerpc for ipmasq and mail services, it works
quite well, though i would hope you use something more sensible then
sendmail ;-) /me runs

> to compile it for a ppc). The only thing that I'm not sure about is if
> debian ppc will even boot on a 8100 (I didn't see it on debian's site).

nope, unfortunatly it will not run on that machine, the x100 series
powermacs are NuBus based for which there is no linux support.
(except mklinux, but 1) its not debian, 2) its RPM based (yuk!) 3) it
uses a weird bastardization of the linux kernel)

> Anyone could tell me if I it will work (I also have a quadra 840 and 950
> that could be used for this instead of the ppc should it be required).

the quadras are 68K machines IIRC might look into debian-m68k

Ethan Benson

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