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2013 sometimes still feels like 2003 or 1993 (Re: NEW processing during freezes Re: Accepted wdm 1.28-13+deb7u1 (source i386) Accurate diagnostics Algorithm for selecting between packages providing the same phpapi-20100525, change between squeeze -> wheezy Apport for Debian Re: Automated piuparts when entering the archive Automated piuparts when entering the archive (Was: Debian development and release: always releasable (essay)) Aw: Re: DPA instead of PPA Re: /bin/sh /bin/sh (was Re: jessie release goals) Re: Bit from the Release Team: I think I feel a song coming on... Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! "Blacklists" in BTS (stopping the trolls and bug machines) Re: blhc and hardening flags blhc and hardening flags (was: Re: jessie release goals) Re: Bug#565308: Will we see MariaDB in Jessie? Re: Bug#565308: Will we see MariaDB in Jessie? Re: Bug#666490: O: svgalib -- console SVGA display libraries Re: Bug:#700917: desktop-file-utils: call for (co-)maintainership [ITA] Re: Bug#705168: Any multi VGA controller systems failing to boot? Bug#705879: general: wheezy don't boot on ext4 with external-journal Re: Bug#706078: ITP: base91 -- base91 encoder/decoder Re: Bug#706159: ITP: libzmq-libzmq2-perl -- Perl bindings to the libzmq 2.x library Re: Bug#706458: ITP: inotify-hookable -- blocking command-line interface to inotify Bug#706541: ITP: r-cran-gss -- R package for multivariate smoothing splines Bug#706555: ITP: ruby-twitter-text -- library that does auto linking and extraction items in tweets Bug#706599: ITP: openmprtl -- Intel OpenMP runtime Bug#706603: general: laptop freeze on adjusting brightness Bug#706605: ITP: macfanctld -- Fan control daemon for Apple MacBook computers Bug#706628: ITP: gerbil -- novel interactive visualization and analysis framework for multispectral and hyperspectral images Bug#706656: ITP: cura -- Controller for 3D printers Bug#706710: RFH: parmetis Bug#706711: RFH: openmx Bug#706713: ITP: plv8 -- Procedural language interface between PostgreSQL and JavaScript Bug#706737: general: Laptop brightness completely on restart Bug#706737: marked as done (general: Laptop brightness completely on restart) Bug#706760: ITP: libarchive-any-create-perl -- abstract API to create tar/tar.gz/zip archives Bug#706773: ITP: libbread-board-perl -- solderless way to wire up your application components Bug#706775: ITP: libmoosex-runnable-perl -- tag a class as a runnable application Bug#706780: ITP: libtest-tabledriven-perl -- write tests, not scripts that run them Bug#706784: ITP: libhttp-throwable-perl -- strongly-typed, PSGI-friendly HTTP 1.1 exception libraries Bug#706819: ITP: libmagpie-perl -- RESTful Web Framework for Perl5 Bug#706823: ITP: libkiokux-model-perl -- simple application specific wrapper for KiokuDB Bug#706861: ITP: calcelestial -- calcelestial calculates positions, rise & set times of celestial bodies. Bug#706974: ITP: assword -- Simple and secure password management and retrieval system. Bug#706975: ITP: xapers -- Personal journal article management and indexing system. Bug#706985: ITP: opensmtpd -- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol daemon Bug#706987: general: Gnome freezes after some minutes of starting session Bug#707015: ITP: taginfo -- convenience wrapper for taglib Bug#707051: ITP: hakuneko -- Manga Downloader based on GTK Bug#707093: ITP: libhtmlcleaner-java -- Java HTML Parser library Bug#707132: ITP: node-resolve -- Synchronous/Asynchronous require.resolve() algorithm Bug#707134: ITP: node-yajsml -- Yet another (Common)JS module loader Bug#707135: ITP: moocng -- open source MOOC platform Bug#707166: ITP: -- Makes WebSockets and realtime possible in all browsers Bug#707171: ITP: node-base64id -- Node.js module that generates a base64 id Bug#707174: ITP: node-policyfile -- Flash Socket Policy File Server for Node.js Bug#707178: ITP: breakin -- stress-test and hardware diagnostics tool Bug#707255: ITP: parsley -- pattern-matching language based on OMeta and Python Bug#707256: ITP: txsocksx -- SOCKS{4,4a,5} endpoints for Twisted Bug#707297: ITP: node-readdirp -- Recursive version of Node.js's fs.readdir Bug#707302: ITP: ejs.js -- Embedded JavaScript templates (Node.js / Client) Bug#707554: ITP: hyphen-ru -- Russian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/ Bug#707556: ITP: node-keypress -- Make any Node ReadableStream emit "keypress" events Bug#707559: ITP: node-commander -- The complete solution for Node.js command-line interfaces Bug#707571: ITP: node-channels -- Event channels in Node.js Bug#707601: ITP: debmake -- helper script to make the Debian source package Bug#707615: ITP: python-autopep8 -- tool that automatically formats Python code to conform to autopep8 Bug#707619: ITP: python-paisley -- CouchDB client written in Python to be used within a Twisted application Bug#707620: ITP: python-dirspec -- Python User Folders Specification Library Bug#707625: ITP: u1db -- Ubuntu One structured data storage - Python API Bug#707640: ITP: node-security -- Safely encoding and decoding methods with Node.js Bug#707642: ITP: node-node-redis -- Redis client implementation for Node.js Bug#707643: ITP: python-grokmirror -- Framework to smartly mirror git repositories Bug#707656: ITP: node-node-dequeue -- Simple Double Ended Queue Datastructure for Node.js Bug#707672: general: binary diffs of large packages Bug#707672: marked as done (general: binary diffs of large packages) Bug#707673: ITP: gcc-4.8-doc -- documentation for the GNU compilers Bug#707687: ITP: nemo-fileroller -- File Roller integration for Nemo Bug#707688: ITP: libmodule-faker-perl -- build fake dists for testing CPAN tools Bug#707691: ITP: mr.rescue -- Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings. The game features fast paced fire extinguishing action and lots of throwing people around in pseudo-randomly generated levels. Bug#707713: ITP: lua-lemock -- LeMock (Lua Easy Mock) for unit test Bug#707740: general: fails with video Hi10p Bug#707777: ITP: node-cookie -- Basic cookie parser and serializer module for Node.js Bug#707781: ITP: xf86-input-xwiimote -- X.Org Wii remote input driver Bug#707786: ITP: python-zxcvbn -- Password strength estimator Bug#707788: ITP: librdf-trinex-serializer-mockturtlesoup-perl -- RDF/Turtle serializer pleasant for humans to look at Bug#707823: ITP: libunicode-utf8-perl -- encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form Bug#707883: ITP: node-log4js -- Conversion of the log4js framework to work with Node.js. Bug#707887: ITP: unorm.js -- Common JS Unicode Normalizer Bug#707917: ITP: libpackage-locator-perl -- module to find the distribution that provides a given package Bug#707932: ITP: view3dscene -- 3D scene viewer written with FreePascal & Lazarus Bug#707964: ITP: libarchive-extract-perl -- A generic archive extracting mechanism Bug#707966: ITP: libb-lint-perl -- Perl lint Bug#707967: ITP: libcpanplus-dist-build-perl -- CPANPLUS plugin to install packages that use Build.PL Bug#707968: ITP: libcpanplus-perl -- API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors Bug#707971: ITP: libfile-checktree-perl -- run many filetest checks on a tree Bug#707973: ITP: liblog-message-simple-perl -- Simplified interface to Log::Message Bug#707975: ITP: liblog-message-perl -- A generic message storing mechanism Bug#707979: ITP: libmodule-pluggable-perl -- automatically give your module the ability to have plugins Bug#707981: ITP: libobject-accessor-perl -- interface to create per object accessors Bug#707984: ITP: libpod-latex-perl -- Convert Pod data to formatted Latex Bug#707985: ITP: libterm-ui-perl -- Term::ReadLine UI made easy Bug#707988: ITP: libtext-soundex-perl -- Implementation of the soundex algorithm Bug#708045: ITP: metis -- Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering Bug#708053: ITP: liburi-fromhash-perl -- module to build a URI from a set of named parameters Bug#708057: ITP: libmoosex-types-uri-perl -- URI related types and coercions for Moose Bug#708096: ITP: libiptables-nftables -- Compatibility layer of iptables over nftables Bug#708102: ITP: libnftables -- userspace library used by nftables Bug#708107: ITP: laborejo -- graphical music and score editor Bug#708122: ITP: pjsip -- VoIP library implementing SIP and related protocols Bug#708132: ITP: bcache-tools -- These are the userspace tools required for bcache. Bug#708171: ITP: clonezilla -- bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives Bug#708177: Rsync should default to ENABLE=TRUE and test for the existence of /etc/rsyncd.conf as it already does Bug#708179: ITP: libcatalyst-dispatchtype-regex-perl -- Regex DispatchType for Catalyst Bug#708266: ITP: libtest-failwarnings-perl -- module for adding test failures if warnings are caught Bug#708280: ITP: libtest-lwp-useragent-perl -- a LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls Bug#708283: ITP: libmoosex-configuration-perl -- Define attributes which come from configuration files Bug#708306: ITP: typecatcher -- Download Google webfonts for off-line use Bug#708314: general: i cannot access my system settings Bug#708314: marked as done (general: i cannot access my system settings) Bug#708321: ITP: python3-pyparsing -- Python parsing module, Python3 package Bug#708326: ITP: node-require-all -- Require all Node.js module files within a directory Bug#708329: ITP: php-yac -- YAC (Yet Another Cache) for PHP 5 Bug#708332: ITP: php-apcu -- APC (Alternative PHP Cache) User Cache Bug#708333: ITP: view3dscene -- 3D scene viewer written with FreePascal & Lazarus Bug#708371: ITP: libtext-clip-perl -- clip and extract text in clipboard-like way Bug#708395: ITP: r-cran-deldir -- GNU R Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation Bug#708402: ITP: libterm-editoredit-perl -- edit a document via $EDITOR Bug#708474: ITP: ocaml-fdkaac -- OCaml bindings for the FDK AAC library Bug#708476: ITP: pd-extended -- Extended version of puredata which recommends the installation of a large set of extra pd libraries, extensions and documentation. Bug#708528: ITP: mac-robber -- collects data about allocated files in mounted filesystems Re: Bug#708566: library -dev naming policy encourages unnecessary transitions Bug#708566: library -dev naming policy encourages unnecessary transitions (was: Re: Upcoming libgd2-{xpm,noxpm}-dev -> libgd2-dev transition) Bug#708569: ITP: libmoosex-classattribute-perl -- module to declare class attributes Moose-style Bug#708571: ITP: libmoosex-role-strict-perl -- use strict 'roles' Bug#708654: ITP: unittest-xml-reporting -- Python unittest-based test runner with Ant/JUnit like XML reporting Bug#708776: ITP: moses -- statistical machine translation system Bug#708858: Found a workaround Bug#708858: Installation: Screen and keyboard freeze (but not mouse) right after login on post-install Debian Bug#708858: marked as done (Installation: Screen and keyboard freeze (but not mouse) right after login on post-install Debian) Bug#708977: ITP: node-mysql -- MySQL client implementation for Node.js Bug#708984: ITP: bignumber.js -- Arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic Bug#709049: ITP: libnet-smtps-perl -- SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::SMTP Bug#709059: ITP: tika -- Apache Tika - Content analysis toolkit Bug#709135: ITP: bats -- Bash Automated Testing System Bug#709136: ITP: freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher -- launcher for the Freespace 2 Source Code Project Bug#709137: ITP: freespace2 -- open source implementation of the Freespace 2 game engine Bug#709143: ITP: cssmin -- YUI CSS compression algorithm in Python Bug#709161: ITP: asynk -- Contacts synchronization for Google Contacts, BBDB and Outlook Bug#709171: ITP: opencsv -- Library for reading and writing CSV in Java Bug#709193: ITP: libvidstab -- library for video stabilization Bug#709229: ITP: utmp -- simple utility to manage utmp-records for shell and/or terminal multiplexers Bug#709235: ITP: libcwd-guard-perl -- package provides temporary changing working directory (chdir) Bug#709237: ITP: meta-suckless-tools -- meta-package installs simple commands for minimalistic window managers Bug#709238: ITP: st -- Simple terminal emulator from Bug#709262: ITP: bpm-tools -- command-line tool to calculate beats per minute of audio Bug#709284: ITP: yorick-gy -- GObject introspection bindings for the Yorick language Bug#709294: ITP: fitsverify -- FITS File Format-Verification Tool Bug#709295: ITP: seafile -- online file storage and collaboration server Bug#709317: ITP: cpl-plugin-sinfo -- ESO data reduction pipeline for SINFONI Bug#709321: ITP: cpl-plugin-fors -- ESO data reduction pipeline for FORS Bug#709323: ITP: cpl-plugin-giraf -- ESO data reduction pipeline for GIRAFFE Bug#709329: ITP: cpl-plugin-amber -- ESO data reduction pipeline for AMBER Bug#709330: ITP: cpl-plugin-hawki -- ESO data reduction pipeline for HAWK-I Bug#709363: ITP: libmodule-build-cleaninstall-perl -- module to remove the old module before installing the new one Bug#709426: ITP: libstream-buffered-perl -- temporary buffer to save bytes Bug#709429: ITP: libapache-logformat-compiler-perl -- Compile a log format string to perl-code Bug#709480: ITP: libuv -- asynchronous event notification library Bug#709507: ITP: ruby-html2haml -- Convert HTML into HAML Bug#709514: ITP: php5-stomp -- stomp module for PHP 5 Bug#709539: ITP: deltarpm -- Tools to create and apply deltarpms Bug#709610: ITP: pinto -- module to curating a repository of Perl modules Bug#709628: ITP: libscout-clojure -- A library for clojure to parse strings Bug#709631: ITP: cdftools -- A fortran package for diagnostics of ocean model output Bug#709640: ITP: raintpl -- easy and fast template engine for PHP Bug#709644: ITP: shaarli -- minimalist delicious clone you can install on your own website Bug#709650: ITP: r-cran-spatstat -- Bug#709682: ITP: python-github -- Python library for the full Github API v3 Bug#709825: ITP: node-helenus -- Apache Cassandra client implementation for Node.js Bug#709834: ITP: node-clean-css -- A Node.js module for minifying CSS files Bug#709838: ITP: node-tinycolor -- No-fuzz, barebone, zero muppetry color module for Node.js Bug#709851: ITP: silversearcher-ag-el -- Emacs frontend to ag Bug#709907: ITP: libmath-convexhull-monotonechain-perl -- Perl module to calculate a convex hull using Andrew's monotone chain algorithm Bug#709924: ITP: node-active-x-obfuscator -- Safely obfuscate the string 'ActiveX' inside of JavaScript code Bug#709930: ITP: zeparser.js -- Javascript library / Node.js module for parsing Javascript code Bug#709940: ITP: node-async-stacktrace -- Improve Node.js stacktraces and make it easier to handle errors Bug#709948: ITP: node-graceful-fs -- Graceful drop-in replacement for Node.js's default fs module Bug#710013: ITP: libgrip -- multitouch gesture library for GTK Bug#710045: RFP: node-redis-commander -- Redis web-based management tool Bug#710057: ITP: require-kernel.js -- Reference implementation of a CommonJS module loader for a browser environment Bug#710060: ITP: pyflot -- interface from Python to libjs-flot Bug#710113: ITP: libquoin-clojure -- Library for Clojure with utilities for template engines Bug#710166: ITP: ruby-haml-contrib -- Elegant, structured XHTML/XML templating engine - addons Bug#710233: ITP: dleyna-core -- Utility functions for higher level dLeyna components Bug#710235: ITP: dleyna-connector-dbus -- DBus connector module for the dLeyna services Bug#710236: ITP: dleyna-renderer -- DBus service to interact with DLNA Digital Media Renderers Bug#710237: ITP: dleyna-server -- DBus service to interact with DLNA Digital Media Servers Bug#710262: ITP: Archi -- Archi is a tool and editor to create ArchiMate models Bug#710271: ITP: librdkafka -- library implementing the Apache Kafka protocol Bug#710273: ITP: openstack-debian-images -- script to build a Debian image for OpenStack Bug#710278: ITP: r-cran-gbm -- GNU R package "Generalized Boosted Regression Models" Bug#710296: ITP: maple-latex -- LaTeX packages, environments and macros distributed by Maple Bug#710302: ITP: neurosynth -- Large-scale synthesis of functional neuroimaging data Bug#710324: ITP: staden -- set of DNA sequence assembly, editing and analysis tools Bug#710349: ITP: maple-package -- utility for creating Maple Debian packages Bug#710382: ITP: jmtpfs -- FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices Bug#710385: ITP: ruby-rgen -- Ruby modelling and generator framework Bug#710394: ITP: javamail -- JavaMail API reference implementation Bug#710418: ITP: opendb -- PHP and MySQL based inventory application Bug#710421: ITP: pxe-pdhcp -- ProxyDHCP server for the non-DHCP server host Bug#710464: ITP: python-scrypt -- Python bindings for the scrypt key derivation function library Bug#710488: ITP: libxmpcore-java -- Adobe XMP Toolkit for Java Bug#710506: ITP: derelict3 -- A collection of dynamic D bindings to C libraries, useful for multimedia and game development. Bwaaaaah I will tell my daddy^W^Wthe CTTE^W^Wa GR bzr (was: Re: Debian systemd survey) Call for help: archive rebuilds Re: Call for Help: DebConf travel sponsorship team Cannot log into can someone explain what is happen on line one from this listing? Can't find MQ_PRIO_MAX in include [clang] Report bugs on packages failing to build with clang The last update was on 20:31 GMT Wed May 01. There are 1860 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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