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Re: 2013 sometimes still feels like 2003 or 1993 (Re: NEW processing during freezes

On May 03, 2013, at 04:38 PM, Josselin Mouette wrote:

>- source-only uploads
>        They are pushed to the buildds, and the produced binaries
>        (including arch:all) are put in a staging area (much like
>        incoming.d.o). These binaries can be downloaded, but
>        the .changes cannot (to forbid skipping the second step).

For the 13.04 release, Ubuntu made a change to its procedure whereby
source-only uploads to the development release (e.g. raring) actually go to
e.g. raring-proposed first.  The builds are attempted and only if they
succeed, pass their autopkgtests, *and* don't make the archive less
installable than before the new upload, are the packages copied over to the
release, e.g. raring.

In practice, I think this works very well.  No users are exposed to broken
packages, or new versions that introduce more installation problems, and
developers can upload source-only.  Mostly gone are the days since `apt-get
dist-upgrade` is a cross-your-fingers-toes-and-eyes crap shoot, and the in-dev
release is pretty darn usable even before the first alpha[1].

Devs should *still* build and test locally of course, but this provides a
great backstop, and it does make for a very quick and easy development cycle.


[1] Even the first day after the stable release <wink>.

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