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Re: 2013 sometimes still feels like 2003 or 1993 (Re: NEW processing during freezes

2013/5/3 Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>:
> There is a solution to both the upload bandwidth problem and the the
> problem that buildd binaries are untested, but I’m afraid it implies
> changes to dak.
> This means configuring dak to accepting only two types of uploads:
> - source-only uploads
>         They are pushed to the buildds, and the produced binaries
>         (including arch:all) are put in a staging area (much like
>         incoming.d.o). These binaries can be downloaded, but
>         the .changes cannot (to forbid skipping the second step).
> - binary-changes-only uploads, without binaries
>         The developer uploads a sole .changes referencing the set of
>         binaries he has downloaded (and tested, although it is hard to
>         force that step). Anything referencing binaries not built on the
>         buildds is ditched.
> This way, you ensure that the actual binaries ending up in the archive
> have been tested, which is neither the case with just source-only
> uploads (no binaries tested) nor with ditched-binary uploads (the binary
> might be built in a different environment).

Isn't this solution like a "P"PA where the (tested) packages are
forwarded to the main archive?
I remember reading about an effort to have something like PPAs in
debian (I cannot remember how it is called exactly), so why not
combine the two things?


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