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Re: Bug#705168: Any multi VGA controller systems failing to boot?

On 2013-05-07 13:20:02 EDT, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 11:14:23AM -0400, Barry Fishman wrote:
>> 1) This bug is a month old and due to a Debian patch which was rejected
>>    by the upstream kernel team.
> Perhaps you should tell us which that is, then.

You told me.  The "fbcon locking fixes" in linux kernel mailing list.

>> 3) Its very likely the same bug as #704933, although your bug tracking
>>    system seems unable to link related bugs together.
> Instructions for using the BTS are at http://bugs.debian.org

I should have updated the "affects" and "merge" attribute of the bug.  I
just didn't consider that I the proper one to do triage.  I'm surprised it
did not require someone with at least some history within Debian.

>> 4) Its not listed in the release notes for Wheezy as a problem
>>    installing on systems with multiple VGA controllers.
> We can't list every bug in the release notes.
>> 5) I had been running Wheezy for about a year, and the only issue I had
>>    with it occurred a month before it released, without the problem
>>    being considered significant to apply a known fix, or even tag it
>>    correctly, although it makes some systems unbootable.
> What known fix?  You never even followed up to say whether the
> possible fix I found actually worked.

What fix was that?  If you wanted to validate a fix you should have
pointed me at a .deb file.  I was not sure how to follow your comments
short of building a kernel myself.  Although I have pulled and built a
variety source packages, I have not done this with the kernel for
decades, and did not want to relearn how - while doing bug tracking.

> (Why is this on debian-devel?  It won't get your bug fixed any
> faster, in fact it is worse because your message wasn't logged
> on the bug.)

The message was not directed at fixing the bug, but in understanding the
bug resolution process.  My first message here was about trying to see
if others had the same issue.

I thought there was some issues in the bug tracking process that could be
fixed.  The same bug resolution went though Ubuntu without much fuss,
even though Debian produced a resolution first, Ubuntu got it available
right away, and saw is was available in the upcoming release.

The most frustrating part is that Debian overwrote a kernel with new
kernel version.  This makes rolling back from a bad kernel overly
difficult.  Why should kernel versions 3.2.39 and 3.2.41 be installed
under the same name?

Barry Fishman

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