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Bug#707554: ITP: hyphen-ru -- Russian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Ilyas Gasanov <torso.nafi@gmail.com>

* Package name    : hyphen-ru
  Version         : 20030310
  Upstream Author : Alexander I. Lebedev <swan@scon155.phys.msu.su>
* URL             : http://scon155.phys.msu.su/~swan/hyphenation.html‎;
* License         : LPPL
  Programming Lang: none
  Description     : Russian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice

I have patched Alexander Lebedev's hyphenation patterns (ruhyphal)
already found in the texlive-lang-cyrillic Debian package and the
ruhyphen CTAN package, so that they would work with LibreOffice. The
reason why I have chosen exactly these patterns is because, among those
released under a free license, they seem to give the best orphographical
results while their format is generally supported by LibreOffice.

These patterns have been released by the author under the terms of the
LaTeX project public license version 1.2 (with an option of choosing any
later version), thus I see no problems for my package to formally fit
the DFSG and be included into the main distribution branch.

Since I am not a Debian Developer yet, I'm uploading the complete
package to the mentors.debian.net storage for sponsorship approval.

Best regards,


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