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Call for help: archive rebuilds


I'm unlikely to be able to do much archive rebuild work in the coming year, so 
I would welcome help on that front.

Here is the "job" description:
- maintain scripts to organize archive rebuilds, parse logs and file bugs
  Required skills: basic Ruby knowledge (or willingness to learn)
  scripts are in

- do the archive rebuilds themselves on Amazon Web Services
  Required skills: basic AWS knowledge (or willingness to learn)

- process results and file bugs (there are scripts that allow to automate
  most of the process).
  Required skills: good understanding of FTBFS bugs (common causes for 
  failure, etc), and of the BTS

- answer to questions from maintainers

Overall, one important "skill" is the ability to dedicate time to this task on 
a regular basis (on average, approx. 3 hours every 3 weeks).

The task covers "normal" archive rebuilds (rebuilding all packages, including 
source and arch:all, from source), but also custom rebuilds (new 
GCC/python/eglibc/... releases, clang), and possibly QA-specific targets 
(double-builds, non-minimal chroots, etc.)

It is not required to be a DD or DM.

Please reply to debian-qa@lists.debian.org if you are interested.


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