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[no subject] Additional ltrace detail Re: ae and slang after getting started... APT asm/unistd.h and asm/ptrace.h and the Hurd boot problem (Hurd server bootstrap: ...) Broken libdb2? Caching Re: Compiled some packages compiling with X RE: cthreads, mutex and Jade db mess Depends: libc6-dev dSelect / apt-get Issues? Re: errors in hd IO, exec server and a query about SCSI cards First try ar HURD fix genhd.c Glibc build problems gmp2 GNUMach HD driver patch Re: Gnumach problems.... GRUB and logical partitions followup GRUB and logical partitions? (ver 0.5.91) GRUB and stage2 Guile works! HORROR!: System in unstable state.... Re: HORROR!: System in unstable state.... Hurd (fwd) Hurd Latencies -- Questions... Hurd -- multiple sessions Hurd releases Installation Installation & boot problems Installation problems with GRUB Re: Installation script patches International Business Opportunities ITP: GNU Nana (Hurd) I would want my Hurd RE: kernel-sourcen ? Kernel Traffic expands to cover debian-hurd libpaper_1.0.3-12.1 needs patching. libtiff3 configuration stops strangely libtool sonames and Compiled some packages Lurker's Question minicom & mtab questions more about screen more packages More ptrace/hurd questions Mounting and more my experiences NCFTP package new gnumach on alpha and more packages new options for hurd crash server New Packages New web pages for Debian GNU/Hurd NFS -- Hurd NIC mishap Re: no doc format discussion, please Re: Odd Guile compilation problems Open ports... Patching packages PCMCIA support may arrive poor man's sysvinit, please try postgresql-6.5 beta3 /proc Python and Hurd Python-New Upload, Plus-- Roland's thread patch works Recompiling GNUMach some changes here and there Some issues. ssh strace/ltrace RE: strace/ltrace (NON-HTML) Suggestion: 'porting issues' web page Tale of woes: hard copy Time problems. TK Packages uploaded Trans [was: NFS -- Hurd] Unidentified subject! Re: Unidentified subject! (X) Updated Hurd Hardware Compatibility Guide Available update of hurd and gnumach Uploaded gnumach 1.1.92-4 (source hurd-i386) to gnu Re: Uploaded postgresql 6.4.2-9 (source i386 all) to chiark Re: very simple tcpd replacement what's the status of Hurd? Why writing files eats up memory: Part II: The Solution The last update was on 20:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 328 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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