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Re: Odd Guile compilation problems

On May 31, 1999, Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin@geocities.com> wrote:

>> I believe that this is out of whack with the expected result of
>> 'libguile.so.4.0.0' -- at any rate, debian/rules assumes at one
>> point that this file exists and that 'libguile.so.4' (also missing)
>> exists.

> Libtool uses different versioning schemes for different OS'es. However, I
> don't know any reason for this to be different for GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd.

They're not different; it's just that libtool support for Hurd is
still too limited.  libtool was never instructed to create this link
on Hurd (library_names_spec is missing a `.so$major' name), nor is
soname_spec set to `.so$major', so library upgrades just won't work.

Libtool support for Hurd must be improved.  I'd appreciate if someone
more knowledgeable on Hurd could take a look at the linux-gnu* section
of ltconfig.in (just after the comment `This must be Linux ELF') and
tried to port as much of that as possible of those settings to the
Hurd configuration (gnu*), a few pages before that.

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