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Re: New Packages

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 09:13:29AM -0700, Brent Fulgham wrote:
> Marcus:  tcl and vim will build without modifications to the source.
> However, both packages require that GNU* be added as a rule to the
> configure.in file.  For tcl, the configure file had to be built
> using autoconf after adding GNU*) to the Linux rule -- the current
> build rules do not rebuild configure.

Well, that's not without modifications in my book, as far as an autobuilder
would be concerned, but I will add this to my list (I have several dozen of
packages which require only very small corrections).

About the configure.in issue: If only the file configure would need changes,
it is worth a try to rerun autoconf. This is okay, the Debian maintainer can
do it before packaging (he should not do it in the rules file IMHO). For
tcl, we need to add GNU* indeed. Note that this does not happen very often.
You just were lucky to find two cases at the same time. Please file bug
reports about them if you haven't yet.

configure.in in tcl needs tweaking because they apparently don't use libtool
and therefore need architecture specifics tweaks in there. Shame on them.
The bugreport should include libtool support as wishlist item.

> I'm afraid that's as far as I can go until I can get an uncorrupted
> version of xlib6g.  I tried downloading from alpha.gnu.org again,
> and it still indicates a bad magic number after the first header
> in the *.deb.  I think it got trashed either on its way to alpha,
> or while on alpha.

You mean you did make sure you downloaded in binary mode? Then I have to
reupload. The packages have been okay since they were d/l and tested by
Roland. I did download the first kb today and less could extract the Debian
information from the control file. SO I am confident they are not broken.


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