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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > Doesn't dh_shlibdeps work under Hurd or what?
> It does, a simple recompile will fix everything. the broken dependency is
> cruft (check the date of the gdb package and you'll see what I mean...)

Ouch.. that wasn't very new, no. :)

> > It's fairly straighforward.. check in the configure.in for the section
> > about architectures. (search for ARCHITECTURE)
> Well, yes. I will check everything. What I mean with arhcitecture stuff
> above is mostly Debian oriented (eg, the fact that debian/rules files are
> often linux specific or use broken dpkg interface to get the architecture).

I guess you're right about this.

> There should be some space reserved for essential tasks. I agree it is too easy
> to crash it by using up all memory, but Linux is not perfect, too. Try an
> application that is sucking up all memory without free()'ing, switch to root
> console and try "ps" or try to login on another console. You won't be able
> to kill the process or reboot or anything -> you have to do a hard reboot.

That's what ulimit's are for. :)

> So, although there is room for improvement, this is easily circumvented by
> having a lot of swap :)

Yeah, I created a 100 meg swap partition. For some reason, though, Hurd
says it's partially "marked as bad" or something equally weird.. and I
can't figure out why. Is there a "free" command for Hurd?

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