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Re: my experiences

> >    - is grub limited to the first 8gig of the drive?
>   For grub-0.5, yes. But grub-0.5.91 and later don't have such a
> limitation.

Thanks yoshinori.  This should probably be documented somewhere.
I grabbed and built the latest, and I am able to get the kernel
booting.  Now I'm running into problems, however:

    kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hd0s7 -s

after typing in all of that, the kernel starts booting, and I
get messages about configured devices, much as I do when linux
is booting.  It prints out the partition tables fine (with different
partition names, of course, but otherwise, in agreement with what
linux says), then it prints out something about com0, and then
it hits these lines:

    hd02: badd access: block=28 count=2
    end_request:  I/O error, dev 03:02 sector 28
    Hurd Server bootstrap: ext2fs.static[hd0s7] exec

and it just hangs there.  Hmm.. what is going on here?  I know
that the partition is valid, I use it regularly in linux.  Does
hurd have any problems with large disks (up until 2.2.*, linux
would not properly recognize this drive as being larger than 8gig,
even though it properly recognized other large drives in 2.0.36).

what is the cause of this error?  Is there something I can do?

                                             Tim N.

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