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HORROR!: System in unstable state....

Title: HORROR!: System in unstable state....

I was installing a few packages from the archive that I hadn't gotten
around to doing (like the new hurd*.deb, etc.) when I came across
the libnfslock deb file.  Unfortunately, this is not a hurd package
(or if it is, it's really, really bad), because when dpkg -i finished
with it, everything locked up complaining that the linker could not
resolve some symbols in nfslock.so

So, I tried rebooting, which now hangs as serverboot tries to
fire off the exec server.  It just hangs indefinitely.

So, I used my handly Linux rescue disk, mounted the hurd drive
and removed nfslock.so and it's links, then rebooted and it still
hangs on the exec server.

So I attempted to copy all of the "good" files form the hurd
package to my hurd machine (over the old library files, etc.)

And it still stop in the exec server....

Any idea what else I can try?  Or should I just wipe the partition
and reinstall...

Luckily I managed to upload vim-5.3b series before this happened.
This is supposed to provide X support, but I find it doesn't really
because it tries to link to the athena widgets, which we don't have
yet! :)



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