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RE: strace/ltrace

Title: RE: strace/ltrace

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> From: Roland McGrath [mailto:roland@gnu.org]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 12:15 PM
> To: Brent Fulgham
> Cc: Debian-Hurd
> Subject: Re: strace/ltrace
> > Does anyone know what would be involved in implementing the
> > Linux strace/ltrace features on the Hurd?  I would find
> > these to be tremendously helpful in tracking down problems,
> > but I don't know what the level of effort involved would
> > be.  Any comments?
> ltrace and strace are quite different things. 
> I had not before known about ltrace (though naturally it was
> already installed on my Linux system!), and just now looked
> briefly over it.  ltrace should not be hard to port to the Hurd. 
> It mostly uses the ptrace interface, which also exists on the
> Hurd (though of course it hasn't been tested).  It would also
> not be hard to port it to use the native Mach and Hurd interfaces
> for the things it does (use the code from gdb as a model).
That was my initial thinking as well.  That's why I think I may
be able to get GNU/Nana (or at least a useful subset) to work, too. 
I am less optimistic about my abilities to get strace done in
a short period of time (although it would definitely help me
learn the hurd internals).  If I can get the ltrace and nana in
working order, I will try strace next (unless others have
made significant progress).

Would revising ltrace to use hurd-ish techniques provide
any advantages over the ptrace interface?


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