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Re: fix genhd.c

On Mon, Jun 07, 1999 at 08:11:32PM -0400, Roland McGrath wrote:
> >   One more question: since when have you been seeing this problem? I
> > didn't hear the problem when I released gnumach-1.1.92, so I suspect
> > that the recent change of gnumach or hurd is the cause.
> Perhaps it is just more people using it with a wider variety of partition
> setups.  Marcus, can you describe how to partition a disk so as to see this?

I don't remember since when I am seeing this, because it caused no harm. It
may well be that I am seeing this since a long time.

My partition setup on hdc is as follows:

hdc1, primary, 128 MB, Linux swap
hdc2, primary,  ~4 GB, Linux native (my home)
hdc3, primary,  ~1 GB, Linux native (used for Hurd devel)
hdc4, extended, ~8 GB, contains the following:
hdc5, logical,  ~1 GB, Linux native (for Hurd)
hdc6, logical,  ~1 GB, Linux native (Hurd ROOT partition currently)
some other logical partitions I don't quite remember.

As it complains about "hd24", I assume the extended partition is teh


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