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Re: Broken libdb2?

On Wed, Jun 09, 1999 at 05:20:48PM +0200, Per Lundberg wrote:
> > maybe you want to apply the same changes to the standalone db packages?
> > You're certainly welcome.
> What do mean is the problem in the db packages? AFAIK the dbopen() is a
> glibc call, and should be fixed in glibc.. but I could be wrong.

Ah, no, it may well be that you are correct and me is not. I didn't look that
closely as soon as Mark said he found the problem.

> > Not really. mandb wouldn't work, but the "man" command would still display
> > man pages properly.
> That could always do as a start. 
> Another thing I think should be done is make a Grub installer for Hurd.
> Right now, it's _far_ too difficult to get the Grub on your disk. I think
> there is an installer that doesn't really work yet; is that so? I would
> more than gladly help on this. After that we could almost start doing boot
> floppies..

Gordon Matzigkeit (gord@fig.org) is the person to ask about this.


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