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RE: Mounting and more

> > 
> > A first thing I was thinking of is ncftp. Has anybody tried this?
> Not me. Maybe Brent. 

Not me either.  It would be a good thing to have working...

> > And yeah, another thing; apt-get doesn't seem to know it is 
> running on a
> > hurd-i386 architecture and therefore tries to download 
> stuff from the
> > wrong place.. is there a way to work around this? I'm at 
> work now with a
> > direct connection, so a working apt-get would be real niec.
> apt-get works for you? Wow. Okay, I will try to update apt, 
> now that we have
> X and all...
I haven't tried apt-get.  I used dselect, with mixed results.  Like
Per, I ended up downloading a Packages.gz file for i386.  When I changed
the access settings to point directly to the right Packages.gz, it
sort of worked.  The packages file does not seem to get updated
as fast as things are added to the archive, because it did not
recognize my Python-* Tk-* or Tcl-* stuff (which was in the archive)
and listed them all as "obsolete".... 


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