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näytönohjain ongelma debian [D-I Manual] Build log for en (07 Feb 2008) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (19 Feb 2008) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (21 Feb 2008) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (26 Feb 2008) [PATCH] add -versatile flavour to linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6 Re: [PATCH] debian-installer support for PA Semi's eval systems [PATCH] document win32-loader [PATCH] enable armel/versatile in the build dir [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage [PATCH] Support for "hardware burn-in" stage (updated) [RFC] Adding udebs in shlibs files for glibc Re: [RFC] laptop-detect being installed just on useful architectures [RFC] laptop-detect being installed just on useful architectures [RFR] Release Announce draft at wiki Re: [SRM] D-I update for Etch 4.0r3 point release [win32-loader] [win32-loader] Big problem with DHCP [win32-loader] Fail to install from a win98 system [win32-loader] Pause [win32-loader] Updater [win32-loader] your subject here aboot-installer 0.0.29 MIGRATED to testing aboot-installer_0.0.29_alpha.changes ACCEPTED Adding the cdebconf web frontend to alioth SVN repo Aide anna 1.30 MIGRATED to testing anna_1.30_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Another sync request apt-setup 1:0.33 MIGRATED to testing apt-setup 1:0.34 MIGRATED to testing apt-setup_0.33_amd64.changes ACCEPTED apt-setup_0.34_amd64.changes ACCEPTED arcboot-installer 1.10 MIGRATED to testing arcboot-installer 1.9 MIGRATED to testing arcboot-installer_1.10_mips.changes ACCEPTED ARM build failure armel/versatile D-I netboot Re: Automatic processing of d-i byhand uploads autopartkit 1.29 MIGRATED to testing autopartkit 1.30 MIGRATED to testing autopartkit_1.30_amd64.changes ACCEPTED base-installer 1.87 MIGRATED to testing base-installer 1.88 MIGRATED to testing base-installer_1.87_amd64.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_1.88_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Re: Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline Boot from iSCSI Bug#248061: some link detection code all ready there Bug#256177: please consider at least adding usb-storage to netboot image Bug#283521: debian-installer Parameters Bug#339855: Integrating libvte in the graphical installer Bug#368481: marked as done (tasksel has circular Depends on tasksel-data) Bug#387855: marked as done (LVM partitioner problems, sudo and user passwords problem) Bug#388877: marked as done (console-setup: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)) Bug#388878: marked as done (console-setup-mini: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)) Bug#393728: dm-crypt on raid does not play nicely Bug#393728: is bug resolved in lenny Bug#398902: marked as done (Handler for MULTISELECT questions should not allow one to TAB tab to an option's label) Bug#409905: Unresponsive ftp server freezes install Bug#412922: marked as done (win32-loader integration) Bug#416304: marked as done (installation-guide-alpha: installs bogus file /usr/share/doc-base/installation-guide-%ARCH%-%LANG%) Bug#419352: marked as done (Cannot select Country using keyboard with installgui) Bug#420078: marked as done (i386 root floppy too large) Bug#420894: marked as done (debian-installer-manual: [appendix/preseed] apt-setup/local0/repository string does not contain 'deb') Bug#423265: marked as done (Unsetting KEYRING for floppy_boot target breaks builds) Re: Bug#425648: grub: Hang occurring slightly later for me Bug#438502: marked as done (installation-report: missing dependencies on gettext) Bug#439267: Post-install sources.list should contain commented-out generic URIs Bug#440439: Updated patch Bug#441379: marked as done (fails on 64-bit vista) Bug#442098: marked as done (win32-loader: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation update) Bug#442153: marked as done (win32-loader: [INTL:he] Hebrew PO translation update) Bug#442209: marked as done (making it possible to enable KDE, XFCE, etc (Re: win32-loader)) Bug#442236: updated patch Bug#442474: marked as done (preseed parameter list may get truncated because of Linux cmdline 256 B limit) Bug#444766: marked as done (win32-loader: [INTL:sq] Albanian PO translation) Bug#445507: not working on mipsel - initrd not starting Bug#446611: marked as done ([INTL:gl] Galician translation of win32-loader) Bug#449012: Two more work-arounds Bug#451221: marked as done (report-hw should consider newer versions of DirectFB too) Bug#453703: marked as done (GTK frontend crashes when clicking on the "Cancel" button during DHCP address acquisition) Bug#455981: marked as done (cdebconf-gtk-udeb: WARNING: removing progress_box) Bug#456784: grub-installer: Please support Xen virtual disks /dev/xvd[a-z] Bug#457137: marked as done (installation-guide: Korean PDF build with the new ko.tex fonts) Bug#457901: marked as done ([G-I] frontend crash on partman-target/mount_failed dialog) Bug#458154: marked as done (Document how to avoid dropped network-console connections) Bug#458459: marked as done (Update "Installing from a UNIX/Linux system" for Lenny) Bug#458462: discover-data vesa driver for intel Bug#459612: marked as done (debian-installer: bad interaction with not-empty /etc/apt/sources.list.d) Bug#461177: marked as done (win32-loader: [INTL:zh_CN] Simplified Chinese PO translation) Bug#461344: marked as done (win32-loader) Bug#462396: Multiple disks support for partman-auto-lvm Bug#462617: debian-installer: need RAID bitmap support (mdadm -b internal) Bug#463123: Info received (Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline) Bug#463483: Install fails on dmraid device but installer claims success! Bug#463632: console-setup: init.d scripts reported as obsolete by dpkg Bug#463634: debian-installer: please mention how to report bugs in the installer Bug#463634: marked as done (debian-installer: please mention how to report bugs in the installer) Bug#463635: debian-installer: opening subtree with [ is counter-intuitive and should be at least documented Bug#463635: marked as done (debian-installer: opening subtree with [ is counter-intuitive and should be at least documented) Bug#463668: installation-report: HP Compaq 6720s, misc issues Bug#463668: marked as done (installation-report: HP Compaq 6720s, misc issues) Bug#463765: debian-installer: Installer offers to install "grub" bootloader on PowerPC. Why? Bug#463765: marked as done (debian-installer: Installer offers to install "grub" bootloader on PowerPC. Why?) Bug#463844: [tasksel] gnome-desktop: s/gnome-btdownload/transmission-gtk/ Bug#463844: marked as done ([tasksel] gnome-desktop: s/gnome-btdownload/transmission-gtk/) Bug#463855: closed by Frans Pop <> (reply to (Re: Bug#463855: Testing ISO (DVD and Netinst)) Bug#463855: marked as done (Testing ISO (DVD and Netinst)) Bug#463855: Testing ISO (DVD and Netinst) Bug#463861: Package: installation-reports Bug#463866: marked as done (Missing ptys in lenny /target/) Bug#463866: Missing ptys in lenny /target/ Bug#464023: Debian(Lenny) installer stuck. Bug#464042: installation-report: cannot install kernel Bug#464042: installation-report: cannot install kernel Bug#464042: marked as done (installation-report: cannot install kernel) Bug#464063: fatal installation problem Bug#464129: cd-rom problem partially solved Bug#464129: problems with intel dg33bu motherboard and dvd-rom Bug#464171: installation-guide: FTBFS: The following formats failed to build: pdf Bug#464233: complains "cannot find win32-loader.ini" and quit Bug#464380: debian-installer: Text 'configuring uswsusp' stays too long on gui setup Bug#464380: marked as done (debian-installer: Text 'configuring uswsusp' stays too long on gui setup) Bug#464429: debian-installer: d-i support for PA Semi's eval boards (powerpc) Bug#464445: Installation report - SunBlade 1000 (sparc) Bug#464445: marked as done (Installation report - SunBlade 1000 (sparc)) Bug#464529: Acknowledgement (Package: installation-reports) Bug#464529: Package: installation-reports Bug#464799: debian-installer: can't use Canadian Keyboard (it use legacy canadian) Bug#464799: Fwd: Re: Bug#464799: debian-installer: can't use Canadian Keyboard (it use legacy canadian) Bug#464928: marked as done (needs to support grub2) Bug#464928: needs to support grub2 Bug#464938: d-i on i386 with 16 MiB RAM (using swap) Bug#464965: debian-installer: System fails to boot after installation (Newworld powerbook) Bug#464966: 915resolution is obsolete Bug#464968: add support for non-free firmware packages Bug#464972: marked as done (win32-loader: [INTL:zh_TW] Initial Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translation) Bug#464972: win32-loader: [INTL:zh_TW] Initial Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translation Bug#465122: dd uses a lot of memory Bug#465235: grub-installer: kernel-img.conf hooks should call /usr/sbin/update-grub Bug#465236: base-installer: make kernel-img.conf/do_symlinks configurable and preseedable Bug#465263: debian installer AMD64 fails to find ISO image on ext2 partition on partitioned USB stick Bug#465290: busybox: long term mass bug filing for cross build support Bug#465320: CD doesn't boot (Isolinux errors) on 486 with Adaptec SCSI Bug#465402: O: directfb -- direct frame buffer graphics Bug#465514: cdebconf: Please add key info line in graphical installer Bug#465737: Can't mount XFS partition on "/" Bug#465817: debian-installer: Should not enable source package lines by default Bug#465861: installation-reports Bug#466052: installation-reports: GRUB installation failed Bug#466066: installation-reports: GRUB installation failed Bug#466194: marked as done (ttf-cjk-compact-udeb: Some Korean glyphs missing) Bug#466194: ttf-cjk-compact-udeb: Some Korean glyphs missing Bug#466251: (no bug?) Bug#466251: (no subject) Bug#466251: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#466291: installation-report Bug#466291: marked as done (installation-report) Bug#466333: marked as done (Wrong capitalization for "Xfce") Bug#466333: Wrong capitalization for "Xfce" Bug#466348: cdebconf-newt-udeb breaks if ALT-TAB is pressed Bug#466600: Does not detect/mount cpqarray RAIDed volume Bug#466713: Lenny SATA RAID Dual Boot Installation Report Bug#466771: busybox cpio: double free or corruption during cpio extraction of hardlinks Bug#466906: [s390] tape installation method broken due to missing modules Bug#466906: s390 r03 broken Bug#466943: Install report Bug#466991: Package: installation-reports Bug#467049: net-retriever doesn't support alternate keyrings Bug#467063: apt-setup doesn't provide release files for localn Bug#467063: marked as done (apt-setup doesn't provide release files for localn) Bug#467167: Package: installation-reports Bug#467191: marked as done (Package: installation-reports) Bug#467191: Package: installation-reports Bug#467254: installation-reports: Hangs when parametering ssl-cert Bug#467322: totem-mozilla is in gnome-desktop, but iceweasel is in desktop Bug#467324: include gnash in desktop? Bug#467415: debian-installer: new way of displaying information Bug#467565: installation-reports: daily amd64 2008-02-26 installation report Bug#467571: supports gnupg-based auth but doesn't recommend gpgv Bug#468184: installation-reports Bug#468217: installation-reports: On Acer Extensa 5220 the Delete-key doesn't work anymore after installing kde. Bug#468263: installation problem with debian 4.0 r3 i386 Bug#468280: Installation Report Bug#468280: marked as done (Installation Report) Bug#468357: win32-loader: installer won't load after rebooting Bug#468451: Installation Report for Testing that Failed. Bug#468481: Incorrect error message when target /var partition is full Bug#468490: debian-40r3-sparc-CD-1.iso CD installation-reports Bug#468565: debian-installer: "setting the clock" takes too long from behind firewall Bug#468573: Default sources.list should use release names, not 'stable' Bug#468573: marked as done (Default sources.list should use release names, not 'stable') Bug#468623: python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies Bug#468624: python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies Bug#468635: python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies Bug#468668: Unable to start d-i after running win32-loader (empty GRUB) busybox override disparity busybox_1.9.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Call for Debian Installer testing, before D-I Beta1 release cdebconf 0.128 MIGRATED to testing cdebconf_0.127_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cdebconf_0.128_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-checker 1.13 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-checker_1.13_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect 1.26 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-detect 1.27 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-detect_1.26_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-detect_1.27_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cdrom-retriever 1.16 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-retriever_1.16_amd64.changes ACCEPTED choose-mirror 2.23 MIGRATED to testing choose-mirror_2.13etch2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED choose-mirror_2.13etch2_amd64.changes INSTALLED into stable choose-mirror_2.22_amd64.changes ACCEPTED choose-mirror_2.23_i386.changes ACCEPTED clock-setup 0.95 MIGRATED to testing clock-setup_0.95_amd64.changes ACCEPTED colo-installer 1.11 MIGRATED to testing colo-installer 1.12 MIGRATED to testing colo-installer_1.12_mipsel.changes ACCEPTED console-setup 1.21 MIGRATED to testing copy data from another partition should say overwrite Re: D-I Etch+1/2 CD images (was: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection) Re: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection Re: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection (was: Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline) D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection (was: Beta1 missing decisions and possible timeline) Re: D-I Etch+1/2 kernel selection -- arm issue The last update was on 06:26 GMT Sun Apr 15. 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