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Bug#463765: debian-installer: Installer offers to install "grub" bootloader on PowerPC. Why?

On Sunday 03 February 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> I'm not familiar with this part;  could it be that we just need to adjust
> XB-Installer-Menu-Item in yaboot-installer ?

From installer/doc/devel/menu-item-numbers.txt:
7000 apt-setup
7300 palo-installer (hppa)
     grub-installer (i386)
     yaboot-installer (powerpc/powermac_newworld, powerpc/chrp*)
     quik-installer (powerpc/powermac_oldworld)
     zipl-installer (s390)
     arcboot-installer (mips)
     delo-installer (mipsel)
     silo-installer (sparc)
     vmelilo-installer (m68k/vme*)
     glantank-installer (arm/iop32x)
7500 lilo-installer (i386)
7600 elilo-installer (ia64, i386)
7700 nobootloader (all)

Looking at that there are two options:
- change grub-installer from 7300 to 7400
- change yaboot-installer from 7300 to 7200
Both will work, but not sure which is to be preferred. I guess the first 
option is most straightforward.

And that would still leave powerpc/powermac_oldworld. AFAICT grub should not 
be installable for that. Which also reminds me that you did not really 
address this question:
> Also, if only some subarchitectures are supported, grub-installer should
> at least check for those (but I'm not sure that you can check for just
> pegasos/efika).

Preferably, grub should not be offered for _any_ powerpc systems it does not 
support. Looking at libdebian-installer/src/system/subarch-powerpc-linux.c, 
the only subarch where grub should be installable is powerpc/chrp_pegasos, 
so it looks like this could easily be solved in grub's debian/isinstallable 

Please post patches (including changelog entry) to the list before 

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