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Bug#465235: grub-installer: kernel-img.conf hooks should call /usr/sbin/update-grub

reassign 465235 grub
retitle 465235 {NEWS,README}.Debian needs update about kernel-img.conf
tag 465235 + d-i

Andreas Beckmann <debian@abeckmann.de> writes:

> Package: debian-installer
> Version: svn-r51292
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> according to the grub documentation [1][2] you should call update-grub
> with the full path (/usr/sbin/update-grub). But the installer creates a
> kernel-img.conf that calls it without path:
>     postinst_hook = update-grub
>     postrm_hook   = update-grub

Hello Andreas,

Indeed this is a grub documentation issue. I'm reassigning it to grub
and will let Robert to handle it there.

Thanks by reporting it to us.


This does makes the issue confusing for users since documentation
say's one thing and grub-installer does another.

Could you take a look on that?

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