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Bug#464938: d-i on i386 with 16 MiB RAM (using swap)

Using bzip2 doesn't save RAM, but it saves space on the root floppy.
(If you add all three ide modules on it, you would normally (using gzip)
end up with image bigger than 1.44 MB).

Therefore I suggest to compress initrd on the root floppy with bzip2,
which claims for using a bzip2 decompressor on the boot floppy,
insted of the gzip one.

Best regards,
Tomas Tintera

> ------------ Original message ------------
> From: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
> Date: 10.2.2008 03:20:01
> Tomas Tintera wrote:
> > 1. We need
> >  ide/ide-core.ko,
> >  ide/ide-disk.ko and
> >  ide/ide-generic.ko
> > modules on 2nd (root) floppy (in initrd) in order to get
> > HDDs work. The space for it can be made by bzipping 2nd
> > floppy's initrd instead of gzipping it. Also the following
> > lines must be added to modules.dep in initrd on the 2nd
> > floppy:
> This, and adding a swapon option make sense (in the limited situations
> where the system can be preconfigured with a swap partition).
> > 2. We need to use a bzip2 decompressor on 1st (boot) floppy
> > instead of zcat. We can use micro-bunzip
> > (http://www.landley.net/code/micro-bunzip.c (version 3.0,
> > which is smaller than 4.1)), with the patch in
> > the attachment, statically linked with klibc.
> You lost me here. How does using bzip2 save memory? The floppy image
> is decompressed into a ramdisk.

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