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Bug#439267: Post-install sources.list should contain commented-out generic URIs

On Thursday 28 February 2008, Chris Lamb wrote:
> I agree. I'm starting to think that maybe this bug can be fixed with just
> adding:
> * An example of a "deb http" line, commented out
> * A short description, highlighting that not all mirrors contain all archs
> * A link to the list of mirrors 

Right. That would work. Probably have the comments first and the example 

I also feel that this should maybe be done in a separate generator 
(60mirrorexample?) that first tests whether a network source has already 
been added. The advantage of that would be that we could just use 
ftp.xx.d.o as an example because it would be easier for derived distros to 
either omit or replace the generator.

The generator should also probably make use of the support to 'exit 9 from a 
generator' in apt-setup; that results in apt-setup-verify not checking the 
source lines and has them added commented out instead. Actual comments 
should still be added as comments.

> In fact, using a vendor-neutral hostname instead of "d.o" such as
> "ftp.xx.hostname" would prevent the derivative problem to some degree,
> but I'm not entirely sure how d-i accomodates derivatives (and they may
> wish to change the wording and links of the mirror list anyway).

ftp.xx.hostname would IMO be very confusing as ftp.xx is already part of the 
host name...
Better to implement things so that we _can_ use .d.o while still offering 
flexibility to derivations (see above).

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