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Bug#425648: grub: Hang occurring slightly later for me

On Tuesday 05 February 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> Not worth it IMHO, since it (grub) is going to disappear really soon now.

You keep saying that, but with the first freeze starting in March, I wonder 
if it is realistic. Last I know is that there were still important 
regressions in functionality for grub2 when compared to grub.
I would very much welcome an update on the status of grub2 and a detailed 
transition plan, including details on how upgrades from grub to grub2 will 
be handled.

IMO this is important enough that this plan should be discussed on 
debian-devel, the change announced on debian-devel-announce and permission 
for the change should be asked from the release managers.

> How about if we solve this in grub-installer by probing for amd64/qemu
> and switching to GRUB 2 when found?

No, I don't think we should code such complex exceptions in grub-installer.

I would much prefer that it just be added in the errata with the suggestion 
to use grub2 as a workaround. It's easy enough: it can either be preseeded, 
or during an install just use <go back> to go to the main menu, change the 
debconf priority to "low" and restart grub-installer.


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