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Bug#464129: problems with intel dg33bu motherboard and dvd-rom

On Tuesday 05 February 2008, janis wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
>  System cannot detect cd-rom. i trying both debian version, stable and
> unstable, with many options - pci=nommconf, all-generic-ide, and changed
> hdd mode in bios throught native, agci, ide, etc, but results is not
> changed  - after boot, setting an language, location, then is "detect and
> mount cd-rom", and in final - "No common CD_ROM drive was detected " :((
> maybe anyone can help me?

If Jeremy's suggestion does not help, then please provide the output of
'lspci -nn' and the syslog from the installation up to the point where it 
fails to detect the CD.

You may be able to save the syslog to an USB-stick from the debug shell on 
VT2; you'll have to load the needed kernel modules and mount the USB-stick 
manually though.

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